Serverless Computing & the rise of nanoservices by Paris Polyzos

#vdthess Day 2 has started with our keynote speaker Scott Hanselman telling us about JavaScript and the Rise of New Virtual Machine

Machine Learning without the Hype by Philipp Krenn

The Future of Making Stuff by Jeremy Foster

Come to meet our dev Team at Voxxed Days Thessaloniki!!!
Thank you allprint for the t-shirts!!

Hardware Hacking for JavaScript Developers by Tim Perry

AI and UX for Chatbots: A Practical Guide for Developers by Stavros Vassos & Dimitris Balaouras

CyberJournalist, Member Association of European Journalists (AEJ) ΜΕΛΟΣ Ε.ΔΗ.Π.Η.Τ. (ΕΝΩΣΗ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΟΓΡΑΦΩΝ ΠΕΡΙΟΔΙΚΟΥ &ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΟΥ ΤΥΠΟΥ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ-ΘΡΑΚΗΣ Volunteer Fire Brigade N. Voutzas - Provalinthos ΕΚΠΡΟΣΩΠΟΣ ΤΥΠΟΥ Πανελληνιο Σωματειο Ασφαλειας Προσωπων Υποδομων Χρηματαποστολων Ο Οδυσσεας

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