Safe Corfu 2019

Safe Corfu 2019 – 6th International Civil Protection Conference

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 6th International Civil Protection Conference, SafeCorfu 2019, which will be held from November 6 to 9, in Corfu City, Greece.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Corfu, the Ionian University and the Chamber of Corfu, the Region of Ionian Islands supports the annual SafeGreeceinitiative, which has become an institution, delivering new knowledge, experience and new practices to its constantly increasing audience.

Bringing together both international and national representatives from scientific and technological communities, local government and central administration, the private sector and Volunteer’s organizations, we aim to:

– reinforce the interdependence and co-operation in Civil Protection, as required

– take advantage of all new technological achievements and adopt them in Civil Protection

– exchange experience, lessons learned and good practices.

– discuss about Civil Protection at any level.

We are looking forward to welcome you on the island of Corfu

  • Natural Disasters: causes, prevention, management, best practices, lessons learned

  • Technological & Man-made Disasters: causes, prevention, management, best practices, lessons learned

  • Natech (Mixed Natural & Technological) Disasters: causes, prevention, management, best practices, lessons learned

  • Marine, Road, and Air Accidents: Prevention and management, lessons learned

  • Innovative technology and methods on disaster study, prevention and management 
    (Early Warning Systems, Decision Support Systems, Innovative Applications, Remote Sensing etc)

  • Climate Change/Crisis and its impact on Natural Phenomena and Human Culture

  • Human Activity and its impact on Natural Phenomena (Hydrocarbon Research, Mining etc)

  • Biodiversity: the impact of Climate Change/Crisis and destructive Phenomena on Biodiversity

  • Security: Critical Infrastructure protection from malicious actions, terrorist acts management, Cyberprotection

  •  Emerging Crises Managing (eg migration, epidemics)

  • Institutional & Legislative Framework for Civil Protection

  • Training: to citizens, volunteers, teachers, students, staff

  • Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Aid

  • Civil Protection & Media: Information dissemination and interdependent relationship between the bodies and the media

  • Civil Protection – Insularity – Tourism

  • Civil Protection & Disability / Third Age

  • Civil Protection & Cultural Heritage

  • Volunteering: Role, work, Institutional Framework, Challenges

  • Economic dimension of disasters, crises, prevention

  • Civil Protection & GDPR General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Transnational level: International, European and Mediterranean Programmes and Civil Protection synergies




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