Plenary Session in Brussels

State of the European Union

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will give her first State of the European Union address at 9.15 on Wednesday morning. She is set to outline the impact of the Commission’s work in mitigating the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, and to present her vision for economic recovery, the fight against climate change, and the situation in Europe’s neighbourhood. Political group leaders will react to her speech, assess the Commission’s work and set out their views on the 2021 priorities.

Recovery Plan / Own Resources

MEPs are set to accelerate the procedure that will enable the EU to borrow €750 billion for the “Next Generation EU” recovery plan. The vote on the own resources decision will make it possible to start the ratification process in 27 EU countries – so that the COVID-19 recovery plan can be launched as soon as possible.
Monday – Wednesday

COVID-19 tests / risk classification

MEPs will debate the lack of coordination regarding COVID-19 health assessments and risk classification and its consequences for the Schengen area. They are set to call for a common EU approach.
Tuesday – Thursday

Moria refugee camp

MEPs are expected to call for an urgent EU response to address the humanitarian crisis on the island of Lesbos following the fire that razed the Moria refugee camp.

Foreign Affairs

In a series of debates with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, MEPs will comment on the situation in Russia and the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, on Belarus, Lebanon and on the upcoming Special EU summit, focusing on the dangerous escalation of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Resolutions will be put to the vote on Russia, Belarus and the Eastern Mediterranea.
Tuesday – Thursday
SOTEU infoclips
Archives compilation to illustrate topics which should be discussed next week during the State of the Union debate (Covid outbreak, ecnonmic crisis, employment, Brexit, MFF-recovery plan, migration, digital transformation, Green Deal / Climate, Rule of Law, Migration, EU –US, EU – China, Youth).


This Infoclip illustrates the Rule of law in Poland: general views of Warsaw, newspapers, headquarters of televisions, various institutions buildings (Prime Minister Chancellery, the Parliament, the Constitutional Tribunal, Presidential Palace, Supreme Court House), Andrzej DUDA, President of Poland and Mateusz MORAWIECKI, Polish Prime Minister.


Check the EP archives for added value to coverage of current affairs.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Ceremony of award of the Sakharov Prize to Aung San Suu Kyi, laureate in 1990 during the EP formal sitting in Strasbourg. On 9 September 2020,
Parliament’s Conference of Presidents decided to formally suspend Sakharov Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi from the Sakharov Prize Community.
This memoclip illustrates the career of Mairead McGUINNESS within the European institutions. She has been a Member of the European Parliament since July 2004, then elected EP Vice-President in 2014, 2017 and 2019. On 8 September 2020 she was nominated by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen as Commissioner-designate for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union, following the resignation of the Irish Commissioner Phil Hogan.
CyberJournalist, Member Association of European Journalists (AEJ) ΜΕΛΟΣ Ε.ΔΗ.Π.Η.Τ. (ΕΝΩΣΗ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΟΓΡΑΦΩΝ ΠΕΡΙΟΔΙΚΟΥ &ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΟΥ ΤΥΠΟΥ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ-ΘΡΑΚΗΣ Volunteer Fire Brigade N. Voutzas - Provalinthos ΕΚΠΡΟΣΩΠΟΣ ΤΥΠΟΥ Πανελληνιο Σωματειο Ασφαλειας Προσωπων Υποδομων Χρηματαποστολων Ο Οδυσσεας

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