Newsletter         17/02 – 21/02

Committee meetings in Brussels

European Council on MFF

EP President Sassoli will address the extraordinary European Council, setting out Parliament’s position on the ongoing negotiations on the EU budget for 2021-2027 (MFF) at 15:00, followed by a press conference. During a plenary debate in Strasbourg, MEPs underlined that Parliament will only give its consent to a budget that meets EU ambitions.

EU Economic Governance

The 2020 European Parliamentary Week takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, when MEPs and national parliamentarians from EU member states, as well as from candidate and observer countries, will discuss EU economic coordination and governance. EP President David Sassoli, ECOFIN Chair Zdravko Marić and Eurogroup President Mário Centeno will be among the speakers. The Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Employment and Social Affairs will adopt resolutions related to the topics discussed, on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday and Thursday

Digital initiatives

The Committees on Internal Market and Consumer Protection and on Industry will have a first debate on the Commission’s new initiatives in the digital sector with Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton. These are a Strategy for Europe Fit for the Digital Age, a White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and the European Data Strategy.
Artificial IntelligenceEnergy consumption
This infoclip illustrates the Brussels Human Robotic Research Center, BruBotics, at VUB. Next week committees will be discussing the use of AI and the legal challenges linked to it. 
Illustrative footage of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of high duty vehicles being measured.  MEPs will give their input about the selection of EU Energy projects next Wednesday. 

Check the EP archives for added value to coverage of current affairs.

 Address of Anwar el-SadatSakharov Prize 2017
In 1981 the President of Egypt, Anwar el-Sadat visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He addressed the hemicycle during plenary session and spoke about peace. Have a look back at his speech.
The 2017 Sakharov Prize was awarded to the Democratic Opposition in Venezuela. Next Wednesday representative of the democratic opposition, Lorent Saleh will visit the EP to perform poetry. Check out the 2017 award ceremony. 
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