On November 12, guests from all over the US gathered at The Merion Event Center in Cinnaminson, New Jersey to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hellenic News of America.

The newspaper, founded by Paul Kotrotsios in the 1980s, has helped link the Greek American community together for three decades.

Guests came from Greece and all over the United States to share in the newspaper’s success and to celebrate along with the paper’s founder and publisher Paul Kotrotsios. Assisting him along the way has been his wife, Linda, and his three daughters; Aphrodite, who is a co-publisher; Stavroula and Ioanna.

“Continuing the Hellenic legacy” was the theme of the anniversary gala. The formal ballroom buzzed with energy. People came to celebrate the newspaper and themselves.

The newspaper was the first monthly bilingual newspaper of its kind. From its 12-page humble beginning in 1987 serving the tri state area, it has grown to 64 pages, reaching an international readership in print and on line.

Paul Kotrotsios came to the United States from Greece in 1979 with a degree in economics from the University of Thessaloniki. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in business from St. Joseph’s University in 1984.

Working in the 1980s as a general manager of a Greek radio network, Paul met with Dr. Michael Papaioannou who was a business associate at the time. Soon after, the Hellenic News of America was born.

Dr. Papaioannou was one of nine Greek Americans honored at the gala for their accomplishments. Today, Papaioannou serves as an expert at the International Monetary Fund and is a visiting scholar and professor at the LeBow School of Business, Department of Economics at Drexel University.

The Hellenic News of America and the Mid-Atlantic Greek American Foundation continued a tradition of giving away scholarships at the gala to high school and college students of Hellenic descent who presented winning essays this year on two themes: “The significance of the ‘OXI DAY’ for the Greeks and the world” and “The importance of the Greek American Print Media as the intercommunication means to our communities.”

Nine Hellenes and Philhellenes were honored for outstanding work in their fields. This year’s recipients included Professor Marina Angel, Temple University Emerita for her work to improve social justice for women and minorities.

Archon Michael Psaros was named Person of the Year in Business and Philanthropy for his dedication to the Orthodox faith and his philanthropic interests.

Eleni Bousis received the Philanthropist of the Year award for her dedication to providing quality care programs for elders and their families. She relayed her greetings to the crowd in a pre-recorded video.

John Koudounis received the Investor of the Year award for his dedication to investing in Greece. He is CEO of Calamos Investments with over 28 years of experience in financial services.

Nancy Papaioannou, president of Atlantic Bank, NYCB received the Women in Leadership Award for her dedication and leadership in banking. She is the first woman to lead Atlantic Bank since its inception in 1926.

Dr. Michael G. Papaioannou was awarded for his dedication to the world economy. He was the Deputy Division Chief at the Debt and Capital Markets Instruments, Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund until July 2017.

Dr. Thomas Phiambolis received the Distinguished Professional of the Year award for his dedication to the advancement of heart health.

Chris Diamantoukos, AHEPA Supreme Governor Region 3 received the AHEPA of the Year award. His AHEPA Initiation was in 1999, serving as president and secretary of Camden Chapter No. 69 before joining the 5th District Lodge.

Markos Papadatos was recognized for his role as a senior editor and power journalist and has been a vital part of the Greek American music and entertainment community in New York.

Source: Hellenic News-http://usa.greekreporter.com

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